shouted at me he always made me feel he hated me, and I hated him, but being spanked makes me feel loved, and therefore happy.

In the particular cases of this incident and one previous time when he was really angry, the fact that he managed to keep his temper in spite of being seriously angry gave the whole thing an extra emotional intensity that made it even more exciting than usual. On the earlier occasion, he gave me about 50 extra-hard whacks with the wooden paddle, without any preliminary warm-up, which was extremely painful, and at one point I did think I might be going to cry, but it passed.

In the case of the 500, the first 250 with the leather paddle, were not too hard to cope with, the leather paddle stings a lot but it is nothing like as agonising as the wooden paddle, and never makes me feel that I really can't take any more. It only takes about 10 whacks with the wooden paddle to make me feel I can't take any more, but nevertheless, somehow, I do. If I'd been told I was going to get 500 whacks, and then didn't, I'd feel let down.

Of course, I have no way of knowing how hard other women are spanked i comparison with how hard I am. Certainly, if my husband had done all 500 with the vigour with which he gave me the last 15, I would have felt considerably more pain, but I doubt he could have kept up that level of energy for 500.

Afterwards, I felt very relaxed and peaceful and happy, like I always do after being spanked. Certainly more loving. I also felt contrite, but as I've mentioned earlier, being spanked didn't make me feel contrite, it was the knowledge that I'd done something that really upset him, it was the words "I was worried about you" that drew forth the contrition that no amount of spanking could have.

by Louise C on 2005 May 15 - 06:46 | reply to this comment Crying Louise wrote: It doesn't matter how much it hurts, it never makes me cry. I find this quite interesting. When I really need the spanking and especially if I need the stress relief of it, I have to cry. Physical pain makes me cry and when I don't end up crying (from spanking or otherwise), I don't feel as much relief. I also cry from emotional pain but this tends to make me more stressed rather than less.

I have read that the body releases certain stress hormones through tears and that women have higher levels of these particular stress hormones than men do.

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